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v. i·de·at·ed, i·de·at·ing, i·de·ates
To form an idea of; imagine or conceive: "Such characters represent a grotesquely blown-up aspect of an ideal man ... if not realizable, capable of being ideated" (Anthony Burgess).
To conceive mental images; think.

i′de·a′tion n.
i′de·a′tion·al adj.


(tr) to form or have an idea of; to imagine or conceive
[C17: from Medieval Latin ideat- formed as an idea, from ideare, from Greek idea model, pattern, notion]
ˌideˈation n


(ˈaɪ diˌeɪt)

v. -at•ed, -at•ing. v.t.
1. to form an idea, conception, or image of.
2. to form ideas or images; think.
i•de′a•tive (-ə tɪv) adj.
i`de•a′tion, n.
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Verb1.ideate - form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; "Can you conceive of him as the president?"
create by mental act, create mentally - create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands
envision, fancy, picture, visualize, image, visualise, figure, see, project - imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind; "I can't see him on horseback!"; "I can see what will happen"; "I can see a risk in this strategy"
visualise, visualize - form a mental picture of something that is invisible or abstract; "Mathematicians often visualize"
envision, foresee - picture to oneself; imagine possible; "I cannot envision him as President"
fantasise, fantasize - portray in the mind; "he is fantasizing the ideal wife"
prefigure - imagine or consider beforehand; "It wasn't as bad as I had prefigured"
think - imagine or visualize; "Just think--you could be rich one day!"; "Think what a scene it must have been!"
fantasise, fantasize, fantasy - indulge in fantasies; "he is fantasizing when he says he plans to start his own company"
daydream, dream, woolgather, stargaze - have a daydream; indulge in a fantasy
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For such innovation to take place where Facebook can take pride in being an industry leader, it also takes enough space for multiple teams to come together, ideate and create together.
Now is the time when you ideate, you pick an idea and that idea cascades itself into multiple channels.
Over the next several months, Delta's service teams, in collaboration with designers from Alessi will carefully ideate, design and test the new serviceware in flight before rolling them out in mid-2017.
reinventing how they operate, ideate and create what matters the most to them," said Dion Weisler, president and CEO, HP
The company said that Rodriguez attempts to get to the truth behind such buzzworded statments as: "Let's leverage that synergy to ideate on an innovative strategy that our matrixed team of high-potentials can execute against to deliver high impact, game-changing results.
Together we will challenge our teaching and learning paradigms, reimagine the learning experience, and ideate on how disruptions in education today will shape the innovative classroom of tomorrow.
Then they can work to uncover new market opportunities, quantify and choose the strongest unmet needs, and ideate new ways of solving them.
Plans call for a large conference room "(where you can) roll up your sleeves, tack things up on the wall and create - ideate," a classroom, co-working space, and a flexible space in the middle of the building for events and showings, Oxoby said.
It is imperative for agencies and clients to ideate, develop and implement social strategies that deliver greater results for the community while achieving the business ROI (return on investment) and aid in making the world a better place," said Mahesh Sunderasan, Ikon's CEO.
Each of them will ideate a fashion creation inspired by the signature dish of the chefs.
When you say phone cord, I ideate it around my neck.
9 correlation to real store share of sales results, web-based virtual shopping solutions provide a faster, less expensive and more flexible way to ideate and evaluate concepts before investing the dollars.