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1. Being or constituting a diplomatic action or diplomatic language in which two or more governments agree to use the same forms in their relations with other governments.
2. Identical.

[Medieval Latin identicus, identical; see identical.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) diplomacy (esp of opinions expressed by two or more governments) having the same wording or intention regarding another power: identic notes.
2. an obsolete word for identical


(aɪˈdɛn tɪk, ɪˈdɛn-)

1. (of diplomatic action, notes, etc.) identical in form, as when two or more governments deal simultaneously with another government.
2. identical.
[1640–50; < Medieval Latin identicus the same = Late Latin ident(itās) identity + -icus -ic]
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Being one and not another or others; not different in nature or identity:
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The neutrosophic-tendential fuzzy complementarity is theor-etically identic with the belonging function:[mu]B(x)=1-[mu]B(x).
In 1772, on the occasion of the peace treaties between Russians and Turks, which took place at Focsani, with the mediation of the Habsburg Empire and Prussia, a delegation of boyars from Muntenia addressed, on the 24th of July/4th of August, 1772, to the representatives of the Christian Powers through identic memoirs (Cernovodeanu and Edroiu, 2002: 517).
The fluctuation patterns are not identic due to the changes occur in the location of sediment under or out of sea water, but generally it can be said that 4 periods of water intertidal have been seen since 6125000 years ago (figure 3).
Thus, the past and the present become almost identic, as the essence of the cinema, in Epstein's conception stated in Intelligence dune machine (1946), lies in the circulation in any sense and at various speeds over a time period "reduit au rang d'une dimension analogue a celle de l'espace.
Existing and potential nanotechnology-and MEMS-based sensor systems for transportation applications MEMS/Nano Potential Application Availability Sensors and Systems Temperature Temperature Commercial products available: sensor monitoring and concrete strength --Q350 series by Identic estimation using PCC Solutions (wireless) maturity concept --Embed Sensorby MicroStrain, Inc.
To create a comprehensible and logical narration the author commonly resorts to similar type and structure paragraphs, hence different sub-themes acquire almost identic forms of representation.
At the same time the pronoun autrui (from Latin alteri-huic for another this), which in French can mean both the singular and the plural of the other, is reserved in Levinas' writings exclusively for another concrete human person beyond an identic I, i.