identical twin

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iden′tical twin′

either of a pair of twins who develop from a single fertilized ovum and therefore have the same genotype, are of the same sex, and usu. resemble each other closely. Compare fraternal twin.
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Noun1.identical twin - either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)identical twin - either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)
conjoined twin, Siamese twin - one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point
twin - either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
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"Identical twin pairs with acne had a higher BMI [body mass index] and exercised less than those without," the researchers added.
[USA], Apr 12 (ANI): NASA has published the results of its year-long Twins Study on astronauts Scott Kelly and his identical twin brother Mark, from 2015-2016.
His cousin Maggie Collum, from Falcarragh, won [euro]25,000 when she let her identical twin sister Rosie play the game for her.
We believe that this rule, which refers to individuals, also applies to differences between identical twins and our case of the absent PL in one identical twin confirms it.
Identical twin brothers Akylbek and Asylbek married identical twin sisters Aijan and Nurjan on Nov 16 in Bishkek, their parents said.
'We do not suspect foul play until one of the invigilators noticed the other identical twin outside the examination hall.
Andrews is the first book in a new series featuring identical twin sisters forced to act, look, and feel truly identical by a perfectionist mother.
In the study, how much one identical twin looked at the eyes of people on screen matched the other identical twin 91 per cent of the time.
In this case report, the identical twin patients were intraorally scanned with the iTero and digital models were exported into a stereolithography binary format (*.stl) through the MyAlignTech website..stl is an open, industry-standard file format widely used for additive manufacturing and across different 3D modeling interfaces.
IDENTICAL twin authors Coralie Phillips and Donna Roach are delighted whenever they come across another pair of twins with the same interests, hobbies or career as each other.
Mum, Mel is an identical twin herself and her daughters will be the fourth generation of identical twins in their family.