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v. i·den·ti·fied, i·den·ti·fy·ing, i·den·ti·fies
v. tr.
a. To establish or recognize the identity of; ascertain as a certain person or thing: Can you identify what kind of plane that is? I identified the man at the next table as a famous actor.
b. Biology To determine the taxonomic classification of (an organism).
c. To ascertain as having a certain characteristic or feature: job candidates who are identified as overqualified; children who have been identified with hearing loss.
2. To consider as identical or united; equate: The Greek god Ares is identified with the Roman god Mars.
3. To associate or affiliate closely with: writers who are identified with modernism.
v. intr.
1. To consider oneself as sharing certain characteristics or attitudes as another: She identifies strongly with her grandmother.
2. To associate oneself with or admire something, such as a set of ideas: a language learner who identifies with a new culture.
3. To believe or assert that one belongs to a certain group or class: She identifies as a libertarian. He identifies as bisexual.

[Medieval Latin identificāre, to make to resemble : Late Latin identitās, identity; see identity + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]

i·den′ti·fi′a·ble adj.
i·den′ti·fi′a·bly adv.
i·den′ti·fi′er n.
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Adv.1.identifiably - in an identifiable manner; "they were identifiably different"
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However, Biltagi is a keen supporter of being identifiably Muslim on social media, saying it creates a "more diverse and inclusive environment for self-expression."
The Egyptian prankster is indeed dressed in identifiably Saudi clothes.
He continues his rant on his Twitter account, saying he is not saying eel and Cebuano food are not good, but the "eel bakasi is just not IDENTIFIABLY regarded as a quintessential Filipino street food that can represent our food to the world.
Placing these design elements in a modern context and combining indigenous materials with new technological processes, Manosa arrived at an architecture that was at once modern and identifiably Filipino.
The nude lip and dark brown lips were identifiably her statement looks, which she would team with a crop top, oversized combats and baggy, varsity jackets.
Not only is there the infamous 'trust deficit' in politicians, the government, and state institutions, but also a wariness towards other Malaysians, especially those that are identifiably different because of their ethnicity and religion.
And on some issues that are prominent in current civic debate, their views are identifiably different from those of the people they're going to succeed.
Thereafter, when uncertainty clears and central London's prime residential real estate again represents identifiably good value, prices will bounce.
Despite this expenditure those that study fluctuations in poverty levels and quality of life say that there has been little or no change and that worryingly there has been a constant increase in inequality, the gap between those identifiably poor - and the strata above that are wealthier and not only in financial terms.
It's a comfortable drive and the interior quality is impressive - identifiably part of the Volkswagen family."
The film 49th Parallel is one of the most identifiably "Canadian" of movies but, interestingly, it was written by a Hungarian (Emeric Pressburger), directed by an Englishman (Michael Powell), and aimed at the then-neutral Americans, encouraging them to join in the fight against Nazi Germany.
Mick McCann, fundraising manager at Zoe's Place, said: "We are obviously devastated and shocked that somebody would stoop so low as to steal a clearly identifiably charity collection box.

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