identification card

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identification card

An ID card.
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ID card

a card giving identifying data about a person, as name, age, hair color, etc., and often bearing a photograph.
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The company said it will outsource its Identification Card Production Division at Little Rock, which means seven or eight positions will be eliminated.
The claim is that a national identification card would help to combat terrorism, curb identity theft, and facilitate travel within the UK.
The following people are entitled to an identification card authorizing commissary and exchange privileges:
If the agency accepts a passenger into the program, which requires a background check, the traveler will receive an identification card that allows quicker passage through security lines.
Every Northumbrian Water employee carries and identification card. Customers should check the identification card and if they would like to confirm the caller's identity, they should ring the Northumbrian Water customer contact call centre on 08457 171100.
A man arrested at London's Gatwick Airport for carrying a live hand grenade in his luggage is said to be using a forged Venezuelan identification card.
By Ministry of the Interior officials announced that finally, a 'smart card' identification card is going to become a reality, part of an overdo effort to eliminate forged cards.
The package includes a fingerprinting and DNA sample collection kit, a child identification card for the parent to carry, a computer disk for storing and distributing digital photos, and other identification information to give to the police if the child was missing, plus a children's video and book that teach rules of child safety.
Identicomm Technologies, Inc., of Gaithersburg, Maryland, has introduced a personnel identification card system with new levels of verification.
However, "the most pressing threat to liberty is an all-inclusive database mandated by government, corresponding to a national identification card with biometric identifiers," he said.
The immediate result was INCITS' move to revise the Uniform Health Care Identification Card Standard (INCITS 284)--a project it expects to complete by mid-2003.
The CAC is now the mandated standard identification card for all military, civilian, eligible foreign national and many contracted personnel.

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