identity parade

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The court sealed the statements of the witnesses after recording them and accepted the holding of an identity parade of the suspects upon submission of an application by the police.
The Advocate General Islamabad told the court that the accused in this case was identified after identity parade, adding, the accused was also nominated in 37 other cases.
The defence argue that Ackerman, who was picked out by a witness in an identity parade, was not the man who purported to be Mark Kingston.
Maldon Pascall, 24, was charged with his murder after an identity parade.
She was able to describe her attacker but was unable to pick him out in a police identity parade.
POLICE held a canine identity parade to enable an Aberystwyth teenager to pick out a collie which attacked her, a court has heard.
A WOMAN sent threatening Facebook messages to an assault victim to try to stop him picking her boyfriend out in an identity parade.
Langford, 34, provided false details for this but was immediately picked out by the stallholder in a police identity parade.
But have a look at this identity parade and see how many of that famous team you would recognise now.
ONE of the two men accused of killing Cardiff teenager Aamir Siddiqi was not picked out of an identity parade by any of the eyewitnesses, a court has heard.
But the court heard he finally admitted the truth after his landlady picked him out as her tenant in an identity parade.
Helpfully, here they are in what looks like an identity parade, but is actually just them greeting their fans outside Capital FM in London.