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id′e·o·graph′ic adj.
id′e·o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ideographically - in an idiographic manner; "it's written ideographically"
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In effect, the stimuli that were ideographically selected for the IRAP for each participant consisted of descriptors of the problematic or negative behaviors that they reported in the questionnaire.
In the context in which I have defined the terms here, this can be done ideographically or nomothetically--or preferably even in some combination of both.
The positive and negative likelihood ratios indicate that the cut score performs very well ideographically in identifying clients with typical versus atypical expectations, which may be informative when determining risk for attrition and subsequent interventions to counter such risk.
Importantly, the <new evangelization> operates ideographically in the specialized context of the church and, thus, it is not the kind of generalized ideograph that McGee describes such as <the people> or <freedom>.
In Study 2, measurement included ideographically derived items in which students identified their personal goals.
The last study is of particular importance for this paper as the therapists' focus on ideographically relevant CRBs was significantly greater in the FAP + CT condition than CT alone, providing clear evidence for FAP's utility in treating depression.
The data were first analysed ideographically by carrying out a thematic analysis of the key informants' responses to the research questions while noting additional themes arising from the data.
It contained a set of value statements that ideographically assess the values characterizing an individual or organizational preference.
Observations received will be qualitatively analyzed and ideographically summarized (Till the writing of this paper, the model is in validation phase).