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 (ī′dē-ə-mō′tər, ĭd′ē-)
Of or relating to an unconscious or involuntary bodily movement made in response to a thought or idea rather than to a sensory stimulus.


(Physiology) physiol designating automatic muscular movements stimulated by ideas, as in absent-minded acts


(ˌaɪ di əˈmoʊ tər, ˌɪd i ə-)

of or pertaining to an involuntary body movement evoked by an idea or thought process rather than by sensory stimulation.
i`de•o•mo′tion, n.
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Gamboian and coworkers, (19) Hanrahan and Salmela, (22) and Hanrahan and colleagues (10) all reported similar findings when using imagery based on ideokinetic principles.
He describes the fundamental imagery used in dance relating to space, time, and shape; how to use it in the improvisational setting; how to apply imagery in technique class for various movements; how choreographers use imagery; and methods to regenerate and replenish the body using the ideokinetic constructive rest position and Sweigard's nine lines of action, as well as guided imagery.