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Noun1.ideological barrier - a barrier to cooperation or interaction resulting from conflicting ideologies
roadblock, barrier - any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective; "intolerance is a barrier to understanding"
iron curtain - an impenetrable barrier to communication or information especially as imposed by rigid censorship and secrecy; used by Winston Churchill in 1946 to describe the demarcation between democratic and communist countries
bamboo curtain - an ideological barrier around communist China especially in the 1950s and 1960s
color bar, color line, colour bar, colour line, Jim Crow - barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites
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Dismissing the rumors, Ahn stressed that his merger plan is to overcome an ideological barrier in Korean politics.
Participants discussed the role of Islam and its impact on the cultural, spiritual and moral development of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, noted the huge potential for scientific, literary, cultural, spiritual and moral heritage of Islamic thinkers in Central Asia, which can become systemic ideological barrier to the spread of extremist ideas.
That rejection has many elements," wrote Brazilian Eric Nepomuceno on July 8 in the Argentine daily Pagina 12, "from balanced arguments to the usual class corporatism, passing through the ideological barrier.
But it was actually nearly a year earlier that he first used this striking image to describe the political and ideological barrier that the Soviet Union was erecting between the territories it occupied after World War II and those granted their freedom by the Western Allies.
What Ford did not predict is that -- despite their years of training and a shared interest in ending the conflict -- her students were faced with an ideological barrier, one that was insurmountable to many.
I might add, however, that the ideological barrier between South and North has also functioned as yet another way to divide workers both in America and globally.
Summary: It was a Churchillian turn of phrase at the end of the Second World War that saw the term aeIron CurtainAE come into play to characterise the ideological barrier separating the former Soviet bloc and the West, symbolising the tensions over Europe for four decades.
Ironically, removing him from power also took away the ideological barrier which prevented al-Qaeda from working with the Iraqis.
Irrespective of the result, an ideological barrier has been broken.
This hymnal takes seriously the need to use language that includes all people without exalting this into an ideological barrier.
North Korea for the first time shed its ideological barrier to speak to the global media on Friday denying any role in the sinking of Cheonan ship of South Korea in the Yellow Sea.