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 (ī′dē-ə-lôg′, -lŏg′, ĭd′ē-)
An advocate of a particular ideology, especially an official exponent of that ideology.

[French idéologue, back-formation from idéologie, ideology; see ideology.]


(ˈaɪ di əˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg, ˈɪd i-, aɪˈdi-)

a zealous advocate or adherent of an ideology.
[1805–15; < French idéologue]
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Noun1.ideologue - an advocate of some ideology
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea


[ˈɪdɪəlɒg] Nideólogo/a m/f


[ˈaɪdiəlɒg] n (= ideologist) → idéologue mf
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The bust of the right-wing ideologue was vandalised on Wednesday morning, following the razing of Communist icon Vladimir Lenin statue in south Tripura on Tuesday and vandalism of social activist E.
The ideologue for the party was simple: Let us make Germany great again.
The political ideologue was born in Karachi on February 10, 1940, in Karachi's Chaki Wara area.
RSS ideologue Golwalkar in his writings, like 'Bunch Of Thoughts', argue that territorial nationalism, which is the basis of Indian Constitution, is a barbarism.
The PPP leader said that the politics of blue-eyed people needed shoulders and crutches of others and not ideologies, a reference to Mr Sharif's statement of declaring himself as an ideologue.
KOBAD Ghandy, alleged Maoist ideologue, got acquitted in a case under Unlawful Acitivites ( Prevention) Act.
1990; Langston 1992; O'Brien 1988; Weatherford and McDonnell 1990), and the president's own beliefs and behavior inspired debate over the extent to which Ronald Reagan was himself an ideologue (Hantz 1996; Langston 1992; Shimko 1992).
Hassan al-Turabi, the leader of the National Islamic Front (NIF), who became the regime's Islamist ideologue.
Speaking at an interaction in Kathmandu today, the Maoist ideologue underscored the need for consensus saying the constituent Assembly was the biggest achievement in the past 60 years.
Sir Richard Musgrave, 1746-1818; ultra-protestant ideologue.
A Hamas terror "academy" in Gaza taught, among other things, techniques for abducting IDF soldiers and the philosophy of an al-Qaeda ideologue.
New Delhi: Former Bharatiya Janata Party ideologue K.