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 (ī′dē-ə-lôg′, -lŏg′, ĭd′ē-)
An advocate of a particular ideology, especially an official exponent of that ideology.

[French idéologue, back-formation from idéologie, ideology; see ideology.]


(ˈaɪ di əˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg, ˈɪd i-, aɪˈdi-)

a zealous advocate or adherent of an ideology.
[1805–15; < French idéologue]
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Noun1.ideologue - an advocate of some ideology
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea


[ˈɪdɪəlɒg] Nideólogo/a m/f


[ˈaɪdiəlɒg] n (= ideologist) → idéologue mf
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These ideologues are interpreted as self-identifying governable, norms and values, which ensure that an ethnic or religious group is kept intact.
Since 9/11 in particular, such emphasis has been placed on the dangers posed by jihadist groups that it has been tempting to overlook the very serious threat posed by violent ideologues from the far right.
Summary: The youth is the segment of the population that Daesh ideologues love to tap and they do so effectively with little money and effort.
"The character of our two nations is bound by a timeless bond of friendship that the perverse ideologues of extremist networks can never break." He added.
Summary: Giridih (Jharkhand) [India] Apr 30 (ANI): The spate of vandalism of statues of iconic leaders and ideologues in different parts of the country has reached Jharkhand's Giridih, where a statue of the Father of Indian Constitution, Dr.
Some of his fellow ideologues had maintained their suspicions over his death, asking the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice.
As BJP is a part of the RSS combine, one has to look at what RSS ideologues state, what its associates like VHP and others say on the issue.
"I can't abide ideologues. They are right and everybody else is wrong.
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) seemed to have 'deteriorated from ideologues to plain criminals and extortionists,' Malacanang said Saturday.
If she thought sashaying off to Syria was some kind of Shirley Valentine style mid-life crisis she's found out the hard way that a brutal war fought by obsessive ideologues has no romantic ending.
He wants everyone to get real about a new reality, one that baby-boomer ideologues of all stripes have obscured.
Each and every one, alongside 53 others, were Liberal Democrats, the human shields of the right-wing ideologues who pushed this country back in so many ways that hurt the ordinary people across this nation.