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It is an archaic word which is not often used, originating from the ideophone nyoto (to go down, to sink), from which the noun senyo(to) has been derived.
(15.) This placename is itself multi-morphemic as pwenty is a placename suffix meaning 'range, hills' and lerrere is an ideophone meaning 'swish' or 'whoosh'.
Some of the apps that were selected were 'Go Surakhsheit' app developed by Hughes Systique Corporation, 'Nirbhaya' developed by Pune-based Smart Cloud Infotech Limited, FightBack by Tech Mahindra, 'Sentinel' by Technosol Pvt Ltd, 'SafeBridge' by Telerik India, 'iFollow' by Aucupa Innovative Solutions, 'One Touch SOS' by Ideophone, 'inE' by Rain Concert Technologies Pvt.
By using the ideophone bihli (gliding or falling apart), Makhambeni illustrates that this person's belly was so big that it rested comfortably on his knees.
Sandeep Bhaskar and L BalaSundaraRaman from Ideophone, a start-up company in Bangalore, working to solve commuter challenges via mobile applications, were adjudged the grand prize winner under the Judges' Choice Award for their app @Autofare that lets you know the auto fare between two places in a city via SMS.
It is quite another to learn that his farm came to be known as "Chigodore," the name being derived from the Shona ideophone godo, "of striking someone on the head with a stick."
LIVERPOOL gets the chance to try the latest mobile v ideophone technology today.
He did his Master's dissertation on Tsonga folk tales and his Doctorate, in 1982, on `the ideophone, or onomatopoeia, in African languages'.
Onomatopoeia is of course an essential part of ideophones. Doke describes the ideophone as "A vivid representation of an idea in sound [...] a word, often onomatopoeic, which describes a predicate, qualificative or adverb in respect to manner, colour, sound, smell, action, state or intensity." (Doke 118 as quoted in Voeltz and Kilian-Hatz).
We have also discussed the nature of the two verb types that appear in the construction, identifying the first one as a neutral verb unspecified for manner, and the second as an ideophone that supplies such manner specification.
The use of the ideophone khuhle in "kuhlwile khuhle", suggests that the employer thought the black worker was a fool who lacked knowledge about his rights.