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A plant cell that differs noticeably in form from neighboring cells.

id′i·o·blas′tic adj.


(Biology) a plant cell that differs from those around it in the same tissue
ˌidioˈblastic adj


(ˈɪd i əˌblæst)

a plant cell that differs greatly from the surrounding cells or tissue.
id`i•o•blas′tic, adj.
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"Idioblastic" axial parenchyma cells are reported in Dinizia (Fabaceae) by Evans et al.
Fluorapatite (<1%) occurs as small grains (up to 250 [micro]m) are usually idioblastic and closely associated with Ti-clinohumite grains and clinochlore (Figures 7, 8a).
It is not only the grain size but also the grain size distribution that is important, with the effect that a large size range gives higher strength and better resistance to fragmentation and wear compared to a more equigranular or idioblastic rock (Lindqvist et al., 2007).