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Relating to or concerned with discrete or unique facts or events: History is an idiographic discipline, studying events that cannot be repeated.


(Psychology) psychol of or relating to the study of individuals. Compare nomothetic


(ˌɪd i əˈgræf ɪk)

of or involving the study or explication of individual cases or events.
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Adj.1.idiographic - relating to or involving the study of individuals
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
nomothetic - relating to or involving the search for abstract universal principles
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Therefore, we can say that: what we hold, IS the concept, NOT idiographic index, especially the index is hysteretic.
Developed to be a quick and simple measure, the RCR consists of an idiographic measure in which individuals should specify their motivational state towards change on a self-report, 10-item Likert scale (Velasquez, Maurer, Crouch, & DiClemente, 2001).
Smith (2004) elaborated on the use IPA and articulates its three characteristics; it is idiographic, inductive and interrogative.
1997) observed that reviewers applied nomothetic criteria (as if all manuscripts were statistical studies of populations) when evaluating idiographic research (case studies, historical studies, and scholarly discussion).
To Brenner (2013), such mobilizations of everyday lived experience--particularly of idiographic 'categories of practice'--to understand the urban phenomenon and to dismantle rural-urban binaries might be considered deeply inadequate to address the theoretical challenge that Lefebvre sets for us.
This study reinforces the need to incorporate person-oriented methodological approaches to fully capture idiographic differences in positive development among youth (Molenaar, 2009).
Accordingly the data from our research were analyzed by LRA in line with idiographic research rather than the variance analysis techniques that are used in nomothetic research.
Idiographic methods study the peculiarities of a single subject to make specific observations.
Clinical psychologists are interested in both nomothetic and idiographic truths--what is true about people in general, and what is true in particular cases and contexts.
Previous research has found that participants who do not respond in ways anticipated by the experimenter often engage in an internally consistent, idiographic response strategy.
Part 1 lays out relevant concepts and methods, including nomothetic and idiographic assessment of meanings, process of building and maintaining the therapeutic relationship, descriptive case formulation and frameworks, and transdiagnostic assessment including implications for those who continue to work with a disorder-specific approach.
For some special cases of nonlinear incidence f(S, I), for example, f(S, I) = SI/N (standard incidence) and f(S, I) = h(S)g(I), many idiographic criteria on the extinction, permanence, and stationary distribution are established.