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According to Pinker (2007: 219), there are five different ways which people can choose to express or use swear words, namely descriptively, idiomatically, abusively, emphatically, and cathartically.
The idea is that one cracks the conch open (like eating snails, but more destructive), extracts the meat, and gives it a thorough beating (literally rather than idiomatically).
Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol, always a delight to hear, was idiomatically Iberian in delivery, brilliant in its showcasing of orchestral soloists, not least concertmaster Valeriy Karchagin, and paving the way for a stunning Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition.
(4) Its implication is that understanding not only the phonetic and alphabetic, but also the acoustic attributes of these six German vowels may allow singers to enunciate and sustain them more idiomatically to Hochdeutsch.
Idiomatically speaking, our policymakers must dip their toes in the waters first before deciding to pre-terminate the MWSS concessions.
The folk melodies are deceptively simple, idiomatically set by Janacek with their typical Czech dance rhythms.
At a time when colleges and competitions increasingly require post-1945 works or ones written in the 21st century, this triptych offers students and teachers a rich, picture-album that is not only idiomatically written and meticulously edited but also continues a tradition of American composers (Frederic Rzewski's North American Ballads comes to mind) that seek to relate musical landscapes to the sometimes-troubled history of this land.
Einstein, a name used idiomatically even for today's geniuses, postulated his famous 'Theory of Special Relativity' based upon the results of Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887.
This view is succinctly represented by a rural respondent who idiomatically expressed, "akhala mu odor ador bor, edeh kia regbe khian omon aki dor bor" (Respondent 37, Stratum A, 04/02/17).
TV talk shows have a purpose but, put idiomatically, they mostly collect all the dirty linen from all over the country and wash at our homes creating despondency, pessimism and, above all, pollute the young minds.
Idiomatically, tunnel vision is generally seen as a negative, but it can also be a positive when dealing with content creators who need to perform.