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Weismann considered the germ-plasm as the idioplasm, a concept that took from Nageli, although he used it with a different theoretical conception of its mode of action.
What was the constitution of this idioplasm? In the first place, the idioplasm was composed of ids.
In this regard, the germ-plasm was the first ontogenetic stage of the idioplasm of an animal or plant, that is, the first ontoidic stage.
(Overton believed that the reduction of chromosome number occurred at synapsis not, as we now know, in the subsequent nuclear division.) He wrote, "It will be a matter of great morphological as well as physiological interest, to establish beyond the possibility of a doubt that the alternation of generations, which is so remarkable a feature in the life-history of plants, is dependent on a change in the configuration of the idioplasm; a change, the outward and visible sign of which is the difference in the number of the nuclear chromosomes in the two generations."
The primary problem of Chlamys farreri culture is cosmically death because of the decline of the idioplasm and disease resistance (Wang et al.
However, seedling quality (idioplasm) degeneration and fitness depression have become major technical obstacles to intensive hatchery production of scallops.