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The complete set of idiotopes contained within the variable region of a particular immunoglobulin molecule and making up the molecule's antigen binding site.

id′i·o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
id′i·o·ty′py (-tī′pē) n.


the unique part of an antibody
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It has a complete immune system with a diverse antibody repertoire and generates antibodies with human idiotypes as effectively as wild-type animals make rat antibodies.
Weiss, "Processing and presentation of idiotypes to MHC-restricted T cells," International Reviews of Immunology, vol.
Traditional local genotypes appear to make idiotypes in ours conditions culture [3].
This approach is based on the immune network theory of Jerne (1974), who proposed that the immune system is a network of interacting idiotypes that is involved in the regulation of immune responses.
Specific antibodies have repeated (cross-reacting, or general) idiotypes and so-called private idiotypes.
An ingenious series of recombination events lead to the shuffling of the sequence of the V domains and ensure that the immune system can employ a vast repertoire (estimated at [10.sup.7] different so-called idiotypes) of Igs, with each B lymphocyte displaying only one particular variant that matches a single particular antigenic epitope.
Idiotypes are unique amino acid sequences in the variable regions of antibodies.
Private idiotypes located on light and heavy chains of human myeloma proteins characterized by monoclonal antibodies.
This test involves separation of EPO idiotypes by isoelectric focussing, immunoblotting, and detection of IgG labeled with streptiverdin-peroxidase.
By knowing the landscape of the AMMI parameter space, with the locations of current winners and the regions for potential and even universal new winners, desirable idiotypes can be defined.