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The complete set of idiotopes contained within the variable region of a particular immunoglobulin molecule and making up the molecule's antigen binding site.

id′i·o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
id′i·o·ty′py (-tī′pē) n.
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the unique part of an antibody
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In order to simulate immune networks, a bio-inspired network model known as Idiotypic network theory (INT) is used.
This result suggested that P3 mAb is able to activate an idiotypic cascade that involves B and T cells (B-T idiotypic cascade) [15].
Previously, the TAAs presented by MHC-I molecules were categorized into different classes based on various molecular criteria such as whether or not they are: overexpressed or exclusively expressed by the cancer cells, encoded by tumorigenic transforming viruses, commonly expressed in fetal tissues and in cancer cells, commonly expressed by cancer cells and adult reproductive tissues such as testis and placenta, cancer histotype and differentiation lineage specific, or idiotypic proteins [6].
Structural diversity of antigen binding sites of antibodies is proved by their idiotypic diversity.
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Jerne's idiotypic immune network: many researchers utilize the equation generated by Farmer et al.
The mechanism of action of IVIg is not completely understood, but may be attributed to interaction or modulation with multiple immune pathways, such as synthesis and release of cytokines and cytokine antagonists, neutralization of circulating autoantibodies by idiotypic antibodies in IVIg, functional blockade of Fc recep-tors on splenic macrophages, inhibition of complement-induced damage, and blockade of Fas receptors by anti-Fas antibodies present in IVIg (14), (15).
Idiotypic complementarity and antigen-bridging interactions in the anti-lysozyme response.
Heterophile antibody binding to the variable region of the assay antibody (idiotypic interaction) is less common (5).