idle talk

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Noun1.idle talk - idle or foolish and irrelevant talkidle talk - idle or foolish and irrelevant talk
chatter, yack, yak, yakety-yak, cackle - noisy talk
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The financial difficulty of it, presenting also a human problem, was solved by a mind much too simple to be perplexed by anything in the world except men's idle talk for which it was not adapted.
Forget our idle talk, Izz," he said, turning the horse's head suddenly.
Pass judgment on your chivalries, senor," returned Sancho, "and don't set yourself up to judge of other men's fears or braveries, for I am as good a fearer of God as my neighbours; but leave me to despatch these skimmings, for all the rest is only idle talk that we shall be called to account for in the other world;" and so saying, he began a fresh attack on the bucket, with such a hearty appetite that he aroused Don Quixote's, who no doubt would have helped him had he not been prevented by what must be told farther on.
Fortunately, D'Artagnan was not a man to listen to the idle talk of those around him, or to the comments that were made on himself.
While this idle talk had been going on, des Lupeaulx was closeted in his office with du Bruel, where, a little later, Dutocq joined them.
A time of deer-hunts and cock-fights; of idle talks and foolish squabbles between men whose bellies are full and weapons are rusty.
But Kean insists the defender has been struggling with a hamstring problem and shot down the idle talk before today's crunch at West Brom, when he is set to return.
Thus it was great to see his nephew Jason rectify that omission on Saturday, all the more so on account of the loyalty that he showed to Donald McCain and Trevor Hemmings when riding Idle Talk in 2007 instead of opting to partner the winner Silver Birch.
She covers his destructive land-surveying of history, a constellation of his Moscow diary, his atlas of fascist historiography, his war, idle talk, and warring vocabularies.
Although not one for idle talk, Araya did thank his army of followers for their patience before showing off his scar having undergone surgery earlier in the year.
But the terrible state of the public finances means that this can't just be more idle talk, while politicians continue to use quangos to avoid taking responsibility for the state of public services.
He underlined that the commission heard about violations here and there but there was "no obvious evidence," adding that after inquiring about the matter, "it turned out that it was just idle talk.