idler pulley

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idle pulley

also idler pulley
A pulley on a shaft that rests on or presses against a drive belt to guide it or take up slack. Also called idle wheel.
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Noun1.idler pulley - a pulley on a shaft that presses against a guide belt to guide or tighten itidler pulley - a pulley on a shaft that presses against a guide belt to guide or tighten it
pulley, pulley block, pulley-block, block - a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope
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(4) The development of phenolic pulleys for air conditioner compressors (11) and idler pulleys (1) occurred in the early 2000s.
Belts run over a drive pulley that drives the belt at one end and an idler pulley that guides it at the other end.
He quickly notified quality assurance and maintenance control, stating that the ball bearings could have come from the belt tension idler pulley on the nose gearbox.
Available accessories include a safety panel and stand, add-on pulley and idler pulley. For operator safety, a built-in side block feed assembly brake automatically activates if the power shuts down.
The engine drives the cutter disc through a belt drive system and a tensioning idler pulley The belt, manufactured by Payco, has a section of 2V-B and two groove sheaves on both the engine and cutter disc shaft.
Land Rover is also upgrading the engine idler pulley fitted to certain Discovery Series 2 V8 models manufactured from August 1998.
Notice how the drive belt goes around the motor pulley and the idler pulley (Fig.
The chain wraps around a first idler pulley, then around a sprocket that rotates and oscillates with the compound cam.