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Noun1.idolisation - the act of admiring stronglyidolisation - the act of admiring strongly  
admiration, appreciation - a favorable judgment; "a small token in admiration of your works"
glorification - the act of glorifying (as in worship); "the glorification of God"
2.idolisation - the act of worshiping blindly and to excess
worship - the activity of worshipping
bardolatry - the idolization of William Shakespeare
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"We believe that social media and celebrity idolisation has a lot to do with the rise in eating disorders stemming from body image issues, but there's also a much deeper societal issue with children experiencing the deficit of attachment from parents."
And not just love - a kind of fanatical idolisation that renders all criticism meaningless and all transgressions immaterial.
Perhaps only Vladimir Lenin, entombed in his mausoleum, could compete with such idolisation. This article is not the place to elaborate on how Sam Steele brought order to a "disorderly world" waging colonial wars, strike-breaking, and the racist policing of indigenous people in Canada and South Africa.
Badriyyah Riad, breastfeeding counsellor and supervisor at BreastFeeding Friends (BFF) in Sharjah, said the packaging of formula and complementary food should be done in a way that there is no "idolisation".
Rachel talks of their first night out in the gay village, Martyn's coming out and his idolisation of Coronation Street.
In bringing these folk tales to fresh eyes, adaptors Emma Rice and Joel Horwood bring issues such as homelessness, domestic abuse, families searching for their next meal and even our idolisation of celebrities into a disgestible format that will hopefully impact on the younger eyes and ears in the audience.
Kim Yo Jong, 28, is the first member of the ruling Kim family bearing the bloodline of the sacred Mount Paektu, a centrepiece of the North's idolisation and propaganda campaign, to cross the border into the South since the 1950-53 Korean War.
If beauty pageantry is about the celebration of the woman in her completeness, what do you say about the idolisation of make-up or other ancillary to beauty?