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tr.v. i·dol·ized, i·dol·iz·ing, i·dol·iz·es
1. To regard with great or uncritical admiration or devotion. See Synonyms at revere1.
2. To worship as an idol.

i′dol·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
i′dol·iz′er n.
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Noun1.idolization - the act of admiring stronglyidolization - the act of admiring strongly  
admiration, appreciation - a favorable judgment; "a small token in admiration of your works"
glorification - the act of glorifying (as in worship); "the glorification of God"
2.idolization - the act of worshiping blindly and to excess
worship - the activity of worshipping
bardolatry - the idolization of William Shakespeare


The act of adoring, especially reverently:
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Kim Yo Jong, 28, is the first member of the ruling Kim family bearing the bloodline of the sacred Mount Paektu, a centerpiece of the North's idolization and propaganda campaign, to cross the border into the South since the 1950-53 Korean War.
Former Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-soo compared this with North Korea's idolization of its founder Kim Il-sung.
All of this suggests that it is perhaps time to reconsider the idolization of Silicon Valley.
Secularism, through the idolization of a private sphere of human rights and the deflection of some questions on human rights to this sphere, creates new forms of gender inequalities.
Particularly in light of much of the Tea Party Right's idolization of Rand, the Builders Association is eager to delve deeper into her personal history and encourage a conversation with audiences.
Teenage lads followed the careers of well-known fliers with the intensity of today's teenage girls' idolization of music and movie stars.
In this set, she plays a man in a suit and explores how men are complicit in creating the femme fatale, but also can experience a similarly unrealistic idolization from women.
It is all the more surprising that the President who enjoys such obsessive idolization does not emerge packaged in the long-established, idealized mold of a traditional leader: oozing with charisma, dressed in elegant clothes, and delivering inspiring speeches (or at least tries to).
The idolization of the self/individual contributes significantly to diminished communal character and declining membership in the churches.
And my previous idolization of that service started to diminish.
As Salim comes to realize, Raymond's idolization of the president masks the reality of the tyrant's true nature.
The idolization of the Horse Spirit indicates that the animal factor outweighs the human factor in people like Luo and Lao Lan.