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1. Of or relating to an idyll.
2. Tranquil and carefree: an idyllic childhood.
3. Scenic or picturesque: an idyllic town by the sea.

i·dyl′li·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.idyllically - in an idyllic manner
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GENEVA, Switzerland -- A wooden boat sways idyllically in a marsh of the Malagarasi River where it begins from an eastern mouth of the great Lake Tanganyika, Africa's deepest lake and the world's longest lake.
This is Three Men in a Boat and Wind in the Willows territory, and it feels idyllically private watching motor boats as they pootle past.
Tucked away in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors is the beautiful historic visitor centre, idyllically positioned on the banks of the River Esk.
Luxury: With white-washed buildings set around a lagoonstyle pool, iconic five-star hotel H10 Rubicon Palace is idyllically located on the seafront.
This cosy, characterful gastro inn dates back to the 18th century and is idyllically positioned on the edge of the enchanting Delamere Forest amidst the stunning Cheshire countryside.
Brodrene Berggren is one of the oldest seafood shops in the country and is situated idyllically at the harbour.
The luxury holiday at the Las Gaviotas apartment complex near Punta Lima had begun idyllically on January 30 as the couple celebrated Sue's 59th birthday.
Set in a site spanning around a third of an acre, the property is idyllically located overlooking woodland with a lovely garden.
Emmitsburg was first settled in the prerevolutionary 1700s and formally laid out in 1785, and for almost two centuries it remained a self-sufficient, rural hamlet idyllically located amid rolling farmland at the northern reaches of the Catoctin Mountains.
With beautiful characterful features such as polished floorboards and exposed wooden beams, the spacious five-bedroomed house bridges the gap between city and country being idyllically located in Lamesley - a pretty and accessible village in Gateshead.