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1. Of or relating to an idyll.
2. Tranquil and carefree: an idyllic childhood.
3. Scenic or picturesque: an idyllic town by the sea.

i·dyl′li·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.idyllically - in an idyllic manner
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OVERSEAS PHUKET MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA, THAILAND - Sitting on an idyllically secluded beach on the west coast of Phuket, this hotel has benefitted from a big renovation and upgrade since becoming part of the Marriott group last year.
Casa Grande is idyllically positioned on a burgeoning Arizona corridor of growth and development," said Dyan Garris, one of the expo organizers.
When the life of dolls in the human world is over and children discard them, they go to the Land of Dolls, where life is idyllically happy (except for those who still long for their child-owners) until their land is invaded and destroyed by an army of cruel rats.
Nestled idyllically in a prime position along the Madinat Jumeirah beachfront, Katsuya by Starck is made up of various rooms -- with each space offering individual charm and character.
picturesque panoramas of the River Wye and have remained idyllically unspoilt and peregrine falcons nest in the surrounding cliffs.
Idyllically situated on Pilgrim's Way, to Holy Island, the property benefits from a convenient semi-rural village location, close to amenities and has excellent accessibility via good road links.
It added: "As a bilingual institution situated idyllically on Cardigan Bay, Aberystwyth University is fully aware of its duty to promote and encourage the Welsh language and culture.
It's called the Halcyon, a period of time which is idyllically happy.
The optimistic P author viewed an idyllically functioning and bountiful creation, (52) while the pessimistic J writer saw a malfunctioning world bound by suffering, death, and limited fruitfulness.
From the open-plan living area to impressive views over countryside, everything is of the very best at Tubney, which sits idyllically on Coventry Road and offers very extensive family accommodation.
Idyllically situated in a highly sought-after suburb, Scarlet Oak comprises 28 one and two-bedroom luxury apartments, designed specifically for the over 55s.
This island was chosen to be a special because it was small, unspoilt and idyllically located in the centre of the atoll, with its own reef encircling a pristine lagoon and untouched sandy shores.