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1. giving off sparks when struck, as a flint
2. capable of bursting into flame
an ignescent substance
[C19: from Latin ignescere to become inflamed]


(ɪgˈnɛs ənt)

1. emitting sparks of fire.
2. bursting into flame.
[1820–30; < Latin ignēscent-, s. of ignēscēns, present participle of ignēscere to catch fire, derivative of ignis fire; see -escent]
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Adj.1.ignescent - can emit sparks or burst into flame
combustible - capable of igniting and burning
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MEYTAL, Blacklist Regulars, Ignescent, Chout, Bullet to the Heart: 7 p.m.
The thermodynamic calculations of polymers in IGC technique depend on terms of the elution behavior of ignescent solutes in chromatographic columns.
Perhaps because Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire ended up a New York Times best seller, Esquith has stuck with the ignescent symbolism for his latest book, Lighting Their Fires.