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Failure can allow the driver to move the lever into 'park' and remove the ignition key while the transmission remains in another gear position, with no warning message or audible chime.
This condition could allow the driver to remove the ignition key (if equipped) with no instrument panel warning message or chime indicating that the transmission is not in park.
Without the proper torque specifications, drivers could remove the ignition key without the vehicle being in park.
| Always take personal correspondence, cash, credit or debit cards with you; | Remove all signs of a sat nav in the car for example the cradle and suction marks on windscreen; | No matter how briefly you are going to be away from your car, lock all doors, close the sunroof and secure the boot; | Remove ignition key when you park, even if your car is on the drive or when you are filling up with fuel at a garage; | Don't forget to remove mobile phones and detachable entertainment systems.
While we were lying down, one of the black T-shirts and brown trousers men entered into the pickup and removed our ignition key.
Just gazing at her is the ignition key to her purr!
These are defined in the law as any system which is activated automatically when the car operator turns the ignition key to the off position and which is designed to prevent unauthorized use.
Caption: The Streamlight KeyMate is the size of the ignition key for a typical vehicle yet produces a surprising amount of light from the LED bar oriented along the length of the device.
On restarting, the master switch was turned on and the engine began to turn over without the ignition key in the start position.
Top tips to prevent quad bike theft : | Remove the ignition key from the bike when you're not on it; | Don't leave your quad in the open, keep it indoors; | Make sure the building you use is secure and consider installing a ground security device; | Keep vehicle keys in a locked area and out of plain sight from a door or window; | Park your quad next to a wall and behind a bigger piece of machinery - to make it more difficult to steal; | Consider fitting a tracker.
Mr Jones came across the unusual cargo on Tuesday after being called out to the village of Pattingham in south Staffordshire to help a driver whose ignition key would not turn.