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1. Not noble in quality, character, or purpose; base or dishonorable. See Synonyms at base2.
2. Not of high social status; common.

[Middle English, of low birth, from Old French, from Latin ignōbilis : i-, in-, not; see in-1 + nōbilis, gnōbilis, noble; see noble.]

ig′no·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē), ig·no′ble·ness n.
ig·no′bly adv.
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Noun1.ignobility - the quality of being ignoble
dishonorableness, dishonourableness - the quality of not deserving honor or respect
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It has taken the shape of deliberate division along identity lines - a grave condition of blubberlike and swollen ignobility heedless of a higher life.
6) If Burgos, as a center of ignobility, displeases the Cid, he will find new centers.
Arnold writes about the ballad as if there is a critical consensus as to what this genre is or does-as if all agree about its style, its manner, its meter, its ignobility.
Although Coriolanus's inherited economic values forbid him to practice any trade, in order to escape the ignobility and "voluptuous" effeminacy that would fall upon him if he were to "idly sit" as his inferiors do, he does require some form of physical and civic activity (2.
In Calvin's Institutes, the reprobate sinner is used as evidence of election, and Ames appeals directly to this doctrine of the "son of perdition" as a means of understanding Jack's perceived ignobility (223).
Por otro lado, este incidente revela la verdadera naturaleza de los infantes, quienes hacen alarde de <<nobility and ignobility, the latter composed in turn by another incompatible pair, pride and cowardice, in many medieval opinions the worst sin and the worst weakness>> (26).
They recoiled at the gushing tributes toward war indulged in by men such as Roosevelt, who, wrote James, treated "peace as a condition of blubberlike and swollen ignobility, fit only for huckstering weaklings, dwelling in the gray twilight and heedless of the higher life.
At the same time, Congress acted with similar ignobility when an unannounced resolution was brought to the House floor after the business of the week had been finished, and in less than 30 seconds the resolution was passed by unanimous consent without debate and without most representatives even having heard of it.