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tr.v. ig·nored, ig·nor·ing, ig·nores
To refuse to pay attention to; disregard.

[French ignorer, from Old French, from Latin ignōrāre; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]

ig·nor′a·ble adj.
ig·nor′er n.
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Adj.1.ignored - disregardedignored - disregarded; "his cries were unheeded"; "Shaw's neglected one-act comedy, `A Village Wooing'"; "her ignored advice"
unnoticed - not noticed; "hoped his departure had passed unnoticed"
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He ignored her existence whenever it was possible, and made it a point to keep out of her way.
The chickens he calmly ignored. So far as he was concerned they did not exist.
But clearly the process by which he acquired the arsenic is irrelevant: everything that happened before he swallowed it may be ignored, since it cannot alter the effect except in so far as it alters his condition at the moment of taking the dose.
Doctor Allday, on his side, ignored the ominous change in Emily; he went on as pleasantly as ever.
He simply ignored the exposure, and the comments of the other city papers, and in the process of time he easily lived down the memory of it and went on to greater usefulness in his profession.
SHEA had just beaten me at chess, as usual, and, also as usual, I had gleaned what questionable satisfaction I might by twitting him with this indication of failing mentality by calling his attention to the nth time to that theory, propounded by certain scientists, which is based upon the assertion that phenomenal chess players are always found to be from the ranks of children under twelve, adults over seventy-two or the mentally defective--a theory that is lightly ignored upon those rare occasions that I win.
Thence, and thence only, sprang the impulse which set her talking, with an uneasy affectation of frivolity, of any topic within the range of conversation, so long as it related to the future, and completely ignored the present and the past.
Hilbery either ignored or thought fit to baffle this desire by interposing various errands of her own.
Had he loved her to see her swept away by this torrent, to have her taken from him by this uncontrollable force, to stand by helpless, ignored? Oh, how he loved her!
He added: "We're actively encouraging people to share any dash cam or CCTV footage they have of motorists committing driving offences and have been made aware the no entry sign on to the A442 is once again being extensively ignored. This clearly has the potential to cause a serious collision.
They also said the government had presented 'few persons-specific budget' instead of taking into consideration the need-based formula and that underdeveloped districts had been ignored in the ADP.
In a separate tweet, Locsin said China has ignored the Philippines' victory before the Permanent Court of Arbitration just like how the Philippines ignored China's 'historical claim' of nearly the entire South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea.