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n. Islam
1. The sacred dress of Muslim pilgrims, consisting of two lengths of white cotton, one wrapped around the loins, the other thrown over the left shoulder.
2. The state of ritual purity of Muslims in wearing this dress for pilgrimage or for other acts of worship, especially the daily worship.

[Arabic 'iḥrām, prohibition, ihram, infinitive of 'aḥrama, to enter the state of ihram, from ḥarama, to prohibit; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) the customary white robes worn by Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, symbolizing a sacred or consecrated state
[C18: from Arabic ihrām, from harama he forbade]
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An emotional Nasir Khan, in his 50s, was at a loss of words as he was handed over the Ihram outfit (which consist of two white un-hemmed sheets) by Dabs.
They say that Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said that a woman should not wear the niqab during Ihram (during the rites of performing Hajj or Umrah).
During initial investigation, the couple revealed that the bag, containing Ihram was given to them by travel agent who arranged their tour.
Many of them out of their Ihram - the pieces of unstitched cloth worn by male pilgrims - and back in their ordinary clothes, casually relaxed in and around their tents sipping hot beverages and making small talk.
They were dressed in simple white robes, marking a state of ihram, or ritual purity.
Following Ihram, pilgrims converge to Al-Masjid Al-Haram to start performing pilgrimage.
Mobily is keen to be present in all Hajj places through its main branches or point of sales within the holy places, land and sea and air passage points, and places of Ihram (Mawaqeet) to reach more than 430 point of sales that provide many special offers allowing pilgrims to communicate with their families with competitive prices.
The pilgrims understand that the sacrament that they had set upon was not simply one of donning an Ihram (plain white and unsown pieces of cloth for men) and perfunctorily going through the motions.
When Ali ibn Al-Husayn (radiallahu 'anhuma) wore his Ihram towels and sat upright on his camel in preparation for the journey to Makkah, his face changed colour, his skin shivered and he cried, unable to say the Talbiyyah, Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk.
August 21, 2017, SPA -- Well-wishing them with gifts, including Ihram clothes (white robes especially for Hajj) and leaflets, the Saudi embassy in The Maldives bade the would-be-pilgrims invited by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to perform this year's Hajj farewell.
Extra provisions will be made to accommodate Hajj traveller needs such as performing ablutions, advising passengers about Al Miqat and Ihram (the phase when pilgrims enter a state of sanctity) and other arrangements that will help ease their journey.
Their role is limited to the administrative and logistical aspects during the rituals and obligates all members of the mission and administrative staff accompanying the campaigns to attach visas and special permits in their passports, any person wearing Ihram will not be allowed to enter Saudi territory unless he obtains an approved license issued by the Saudi electronic system throughout the Hajj season.