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1. A craft in which one tie-dyes and weaves yarn to create an intricately designed fabric.
2. The fabric so created.

[Malay, tying, binding.]


(Dyeing) a method of creating patterns in fabric by tie-dyeing the yarn before weaving
[C20: from Malay, literally: to tie, bind]
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Inspired by some of Schumacher's most popular patterns including signature ikats, Chiang Mai Dragon, Bixi Dragon, Chinois Fret, and Scallop Filigree, the Williams Sonoma design team reinterpreted the prints and patterns to apply them to everything from ginger jars to dinner plates.
Woven ikats are featured on either dresses, tops for women or as panelling on shirts and trousers for men.
That makes a Patan Patola different from other ikats. The mulberry silk from China is durable and holds colours much better.
Classic patterns such as indigo prints, ikats look lovely.
New Delhi [India], Apr 16 ( ANI ): It seems like hand spun cottons, khadis, silks and techniques like kalamkari, jamdhani and ikats have suddenly lurched into the limelight after several years of being relegated to niche pockets.
In the islands of Indonesia the women inherited the family ikats, and when they moved to.
Ideal for those design-oriented consumers who want a feel of nature indoors, hemp and jute collections were among the standouts at market, whether showcased alone with trendy patterns such as ikats and geometries or mixed with other fibers such as chenilles.
Mary Neff and I favor the gray and white stripes, turquoise and white chevrons, and red and white ikats. Mary Neff completed her master bedroom with the red and white ikats and used the turquoise chevrons in her guest room.
Traditional ikats and textiles of the Dayak Benuaq and some indigenous bark cloths.
"Hard-edged geometrics and shocking brights are softened this season through textural effects such as ikats, cross-dyed and space-dyed yarns," said Christine D'Ascoli, vice president of creative services at Covington Industries.
This group follows the recent addition of Indian Sojourn, a soumak collection of ikats for the company's David Easton for Safavieh Couture, which will also be shown.