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a. ileocecal, rel. al íleon y al ciego;
___ valveválvula ___.
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Gastrointestinal RDD commonly affect ileocecal area and distal colon in middle-aged females with an over whelming majority of the cases being located beyond the pylorus.1 Involvement of liver was previously reported in literature but RDD with liver cirrhosis was reported recently in previous year.5 Histopathologically, diffuse histiocytosis, homogeneous chromatin and a single small nucleolus are characteristic features of both nodal and extra nodal RDD, along with emperipolesis, which consists of the passage of intact, often multiple lymphocytes through the cell within intracytoplasmic vesicles.
costaricensis, descrita por Morera y Cespedes (1971) en Costa Rica, responsable de sintomas abdominales que incluyen una intensa respuesta inflamatoria en la mucosa ileocecal, seguida por una reaccion granulomatosa con una marcada eosinofilia y estenosis intestinal (Romero-Alegria et al., 2014).
It is a rare complication of chronic cholecystitis causing bilioenteric fistula and occurs when a gallstone passes into the small bowel through the fistula and usually impacts at the ileocecal valve.
The aim of this study was to report a case of Al, secondary to endometriosis, on whom laparoscopic partial cecum resection was performed, preserving the ileocecal valve.
Moreover, the exploration also showed the tip of the free, inflamed appendix below the ileocecal joint, measuring 1.5 cm in length, with its mesentery ligated with one side of the appendix (Figure 1).
Endoscopy through the mouth could reach the small bowel of the 3rd-5th groups, and the ileocecal valve could be reached within 5-10 min through the anus, whereby it was easy to reach the small bowel of the 4th-6th groups.
Common examples are hiatal and abdominal/pelvic hernias; gastric, small bowel, colonic or rectal prolapse; intussusception; and weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter and ileocecal valve.
Diagnostic colonoscopy showed one small ulcer (8 mm) with the pressure effect of mass like lesion at cecum and scope couldn't find the ileocecal valve.
Ingested foreign bodies have a propensity to lodge in regions of anatomic angulation, including the duodenal C- loop, the ligament of Treitz, the ileocecal and rectosigmoid junctions, or in acquired strictures.