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n. ileocolitis, infl. de la mucosa del íleon y el colon.
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This occurs in chronic alcoholism, anorexia nervosa, ileocolitis, prolonged diarrhea, Hartnup's disease and carcinoid syndrome.
Campylobacter ileocolitis mimicking acute appendicitis: differentiation with graded-compression US.
Molinas, "Behcet's ileocolitis: successful treatment with tumor necrosis factor-alpha antibody (infliximab) therapy.
In addition, spontaneous ileocolitis developed in Gpxl and Gpx2 double knockout mice due to Noxl overexpression and excessive ROS production [47,174, 175].
On colonoscopic examination, ulcerative lesions with spontaneous bleeding foci were found in the terminal ileum and cecum and the biospy result was compatible with chronic ileocolitis. Meselazin and budesonid treatment was given to the patient who was diagnosed with Crohn disease and he was followed up.