Iliac crest

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the upper margin of the ilium.

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Bone marrow aspirates were obtained from the sternum in 65 patients with stable coronary artery disease during cardiac surgery, and from the iliac crest of 10 healthy controls.
While the harvesting of autologous iliac crest bone can overcome these limitations, it creates the potential for complications including chronic pain and infection," said Glen Kashuba, CEO of Cerapedics.
Nadal said that the stem cell treatment was a little aggressive compared with his knee treatment because a hole was drilled on his back to extract the stem cells from the iliac crest.
If you put your hands on your hips, under your fingers is the portion of the iliac crest (anterior superior iliac spine).
Their hip width (defined as the distance between the upper outer edges of the iliac crest bones of the pelvis) was measured, as well as their hip circumference at the widest point and their waist circumference at its narrowest point.
Surgical intervention involving bone grafting of the iliac crest is the current gold standard and is associated with risk of infection, blood loss, lengthy hospital stay and prolonged rehabilitation and recovery.
Many surgeons still believe that iliac crest bone autograft (ICBG) is the gold standard for lumbar spinal fusion.
It is attached from the iliac crest down to the top of the femur and aids the femur move in an outward rotation motion.
In addition, the OLIF25 procedure allows for easier access around the iliac crest at L4-L5, and it is a step toward more reproducible lateral access to the L5-S1 disc space, according to Medtronic officials.
Additionally, the portfolio offers a variety of configurations and sizes to meet surgeons' clinical needs, while K2M's VIKOS Cervical now includes unicortical, tricortical, and iliac crest grafts, as well as VIKOS Void Fillers and VIKOS Shafts.
They address clinical and applied anatomy, biomechanics, genetic susceptibility, and basic knowledge of screws and plates; anterior and posterior approaches, the technique of harvesting bone grafts from the anterior and posterior iliac crest, and the evolution of surgical management; and various surgical techniques, their indications, methods, procedures, contraindications, postoperative care, complications, outcomes, and advantages and disadvantages.