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(ˈɪl i əm)

n., pl. il•i•a (ˈɪl i ə)
the uppermost of the three bones of each half of the vertebrate pelvic girdle; in humans, the broad upper portion of each hipbone.
[1705–1710; < New Latin, special use of Medieval Latin īlium, as singular of Latin īlia; see ileum]


(ˈɪl i əm)

Latin name of ancient Troy.
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The Osteiod Osteoma was removed through anterior ilio- inguinal approach under fluoroscopic control.
All layers of anterior abdominal incision infiltrated, including peritoneum Bell et 31 women had ilio- Postoperative morphine al.
[8] 50% 32.5% Lim HH [16] 0 % 6.25% Our Study 43.6% 9.1% Table 8: Distribution of the Acetabular fractures depending on the Surgical Approach used: STUDY ILIO- KOCHER- BOTH INGUINAL LANGENBECK S.