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 (ĭl′kə) also ilk (ĭlk)
adj. Scots
Each; every.

[Middle English ilk a, each one : ilk (variant of ech, each; see each) + a, one, a; see a2.]


(ˈɪl kə)

adj. Chiefly Scot.
every; each.
[1150–1200; Middle English; orig. phrase ilk a each one. See ilk2, a1]
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The Ilka stories roughly coincide with a number of fiftieth anniversaries: that of Anschluss, that of Kristallnacht, that of the Kinder-transport.
Ilka was born in New York City and introduced to society at an early age.
Study author Dr Ilka Peeken said: "These findings suggest that both the expanding shipping and fishing activities in the Arctic are leaving their mark.
??Jamie McCrimmon Ilka Gansera-Leveque Named after a sidekick of Doctor Who played by Frazer Hines in the 1960s, this Foxwedge youngster had his first encounter with turf on Racecourse Side.
In addition we have a number of other offers at brilliant prices take a SPECIAL OFFERS WE'VE also lined up some super additional offers at brilliant pric Offer 1: All-year-round Lettuce Seed Collection Lettuce Harlequin Mixed, Lettuc Salad Bowl, Lettuce Webbs Won Lettuce Iceberg, Lettuce All Year Round, Lettuce Green Salad Bow Offer Price pounds 5.99 Offer 2: Easy Sow Collection Spring Onion White Lisbon, Swi Chard Yellow, Parsnip Hollow Cr Radish Ilka, Sweet Corn Minipop, Beetroot Burpees Golden.
With: Rita Braun, Barbara Csonka, Edit Lipcsei, Katalin Meszaros, Ilka Sos, Barbara Thurzo, Katalin Voros, Gabor Diossi, Balint Kenyeres, Peter Felix Matyassi, Peter Pfenig, Lajos Szakacs, Marton Tamas, Dusan Vitanovics, Laszlo Ziffer, Juli Szephelyi, Fanni Szoljer.
The European Commission has approved state aid worth Euro 14.4 million granted by the German Government to help restructure Saxony-Anhalt-based ILKA MAFA K?ltemaschinenbau GmbH, a company which produces cooling and ventilation machinery.
Finally, this month, at yet another ceremony taking place at the Players: HOLA, the Hispanic Organization for Latin Actors, will recognize Fox TV's Geraldo Rivera with an ILKA Award for his reporting of the Afghanistan war.
Edna Woolman Chase ( <IR> see under ILKA CHASE </IR> ) joined its staff in 1895, when it was a small weekly written by society for society, became its editor in 1914, and in 1919 was appointed editor-in-chief of the London, Paris, and New York editions.
SirMichaelStoutehaswon the opener four times in recent years and ARGAKI (2.10) is another strong candidate Ilka Gansera-Leveque madeasuccessfulstarttoher training career with TIGER CUB (2.40) at Lingfield last monthandcanretainher100 percentrecord.
My first night in the city, I went with my friend from Los Angeles, Ilka Tanya Payan, to see a play on theater row.
The group is concerned at the behaviour of Ilka Schroder, and the hands-off approach taken by erstwhile pillars of the German delegation like Friedrich Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf, who only seems interested in the EP's Committee on Agriculture (which he chairs).