ill fame

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Noun1.ill fame - the state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality
infamy - evil fame or public reputation
reputation - notoriety for some particular characteristic; "his reputation for promiscuity"
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Poor child,' says my good old nurse, 'you may soon be such a gentlewoman as that, for she is a person of ill fame, and has had two or three bastards.
Certainly, athletics (and by extention the International Olympic Committee) is not in the same league of ill fame but is not squeaky clean either.
He further pointed to the unrests following the 2009 presidential elections in Iran, and said enemy sought to overthrow the Islamic republic through the seditious plots which were staged after the 2009 elections, "but God finished everything in the interest of the Iranian nation, and there has remained nothing for the seditionists, but ill fame, notoriety and regret".