ill humor

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ill humor

An irritable state of mind; surliness.

ill′-hu′mored (-mərd) adj.
ill′-hu′mored·ly adv.


a disagreeable or surly mood.
ill′-hu′mored, adj.
ill′-hu′mored•ly, adv.
ill′-hu′mored•ness, n.
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Noun1.ill humor - an angry and disagreeable mood
humour, mood, temper, humor - a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling; "whether he praised or cursed me depended on his temper at the time"; "he was in a bad humor"
moodiness - a sullen gloomy feeling
amiability, good humor, good humour, good temper - a cheerful and agreeable mood
References in classic literature ?
Only Beaudelet remained behind, tinkering at his boat, and Mariequita walked away with her basket of shrimps, casting a look of childish ill humor and reproach at Robert from the corner of her eye.
Both parents grieved inwardly, and for the president, faced with the pressures of his office, the tragic loss left him in a depressed state in which he was all the more prone to angry outbursts and ill humor. His relations with his son, John, never particularly good, became worse still, and his relations with Grace were strained as well.
Anastasi has a sense of ill humor, of the far-fetched, of the absurdity of it all--the characteristics of the avant-garde mentality.