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Noun1.ill service - an act intended to help that turns out badly; "he did them a disservice"
injury - an act that causes someone or something to receive physical damage
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This price increase will help keep the NLM ILL service a national leader and ensure that NLM can continue to deliver efficient service and maintain a fast turnaround time to complete incoming requests.
The company also supports Hero Miles, which provides free travel to injured or ill service members and their loved ones.
The overall increase in ILL demand might account for some of the ILL requests for cancelled titles and demonstrated that our users were more aware of our ILL service.
Dr Jen Warren will fly to Orlando, Florida, this week to compete alongside nearly 500 other injured and ill service men and women from 14 nations in the third ever games.
This organization helps to match assistance dogs with wounded or ill service members and first responders.
Fisher House Foundation's Hero Miles Program and Luke's Wings are able to use the miles donated through SkyWish to provide air travel to wounded, injured or ill service members and veterans as well as their families, connecting military members with their loved ones for support while they undergo treatment and recovery.
Further, there is an acute focus on wounded or ill service members deployed in the combat zone.
The Warriors, all service-connected injured or ill service members or veterans, fell 7-3 to the Lawmakers, but there was nothing defeating about the evening for the team.
Except for a now-defunct subsidization of Denver Public Library by the Colorado State Library for providing statewide ILL service, no cost model for compensating net lenders has ever been implemented.
In evaluating the cost, it seemed to me that the ILL service within public libraries is like the opera within the arts sector--heavily subsidised by all of us through our taxes (or by ratepayers) for the enjoyment of a few.
We wish James, Michael and all the riders a safe trip as they take on the adventure of a lifetime riding across our nation and help to raise awareness for our injured and critically ill service members and families," said Karen Guenther, Founder/President/CEO, of the Semper Fi Fund.
Passage of the CARES Act would allow psychiatrists to spend more time with the most ill service members and create a better ratio of licensed mental health providers to assist active duty personnel and their families.