Poorly hidden or concealed: ill-disguised animosity.
References in classic literature ?
she added, fixing her eyes upon me with ill-disguised anxiety for the reply.
When they met him, with ill-disguised enjoyment they inquired after his wife's health.
But, unconsciously to herself, she betrayed her desire to be left alone by impatient glances, ill-disguised, at the pupils who were slow in leaving.
He glanced timidly at Avdotya Romanovna, but her proud countenance wore at that moment an expression of such gratitude and friendliness, such complete and unlooked-for respect (in place of the sneering looks and ill-disguised contempt he had expected), that it threw him into greater confusion than if he had been met with abuse.
During the 2015 General Election in Tanzania, Jubilee ill-disguised preference for the opposition's Edward Lowassa of Chadema party that eventually lost.
Trump's ill-disguised Islamophobia appeals to these people.
Caricatures that exaggerate the two men's differences at the beginning of the friendship in order to draw a simple picture of unbroken collaboration thereafter, or that by total contrast look for ill-disguised differences between them at every turn, have proved lastingly convenient.
The PDP caucus in a statement issued by Deputy Minority Leader, Honourable Chukwuka Onyema condemned the group, describing it 'as a mere band of ill-disguised impostors whom the House caucus will never recognize or interact with'.
As the quality of the films deteriorated into predictable plots, messy production values and crass commerce (almost literally, since some movies were peppered by ill-disguised product placements), an outcry arose that the MMFF had lost sight of its original goal.
By the time he is blow-dried some two hours later, Scooter is by now scowling with ill-disguised fury, he is less caped crusader, more deranged dog.
The inspectors met all the staff and told us not to worry - "see it as a week's-worth of free consultancy and advice" - the lead inspector said with a reassuring smile, which sent us all running off to our classrooms with looks of ill-disguised panic.
What started out as a completely acceptable trading partnership has now grown into a virtually unmanageable monstrosity with ill-disguised ambitions to form a United States of Europe.