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Adj.1.ill-dressed - not well dressed
ungroomed - not neat and smart in appearance; "he was wrinkled and ungroomed, with a two-day beard"; "ungroomed hair"
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His true objective was the provision of a full, accurate, legible script for our noble but ill-dressed language; but he was led past that by his contempt for the popular Pitman system of Shorthand, which he called the Pitfall system.
What would Oliver's report of me have been if I had presented myself to him with my colorless cheeks and my ill-dressed hair?
There were sheets of paper still lying about covered with figures, a brass-bound ledger lay open at the further end of the table, In the background a young man, slim, pale, ill-dressed in sober black, was filling a large tin box with documents and letters.
Amidst this assemblage of all that was insignificant and defective, much that was vicious and repulsive (by that last epithet many would have described the two or three stiff, silent, decently behaved, ill-dressed British girls), the sensible, sagacious, affable directress shone like a steady star over a marsh full of Jack-o'-lanthorns; profoundly aware of her superiority, she derived an inward bliss from that consciousness which sustained her under all the care and responsibility inseparable from her position; it kept her temper calm, her brow smooth, her manner tranquil.
I observed, at the same time, that a lowering ill-dressed man who had stopped and stared at us in passing, a little before, was coming so close after us as to brush against her.
The ill-advised individual who might happen, through an oversight of the porter, to enter Madame Rabourdin's establishment about eleven o'clock in the morning would have found her in the midst of a disorder the reverse of picturesque, wrapped in a dressing-gown, her hair ill-dressed, and her feet in old slippers, attending to the lamps, arranging the flowers, or cooking in haste an extremely unpoetic breakfast.
"I saw an ill-dressed vagabond in the lane yesterday evening," said Mr.
The scene during opening of the Hotel de Oriente has severely ill-dressed extras, with a band that need some costume overhaul, and a crooner who looks like she was on loan from one of the hotel lounges of Makati in the 1980s.
I found them brusque and ill-dressed and foul-mouthed.
Also, even before the horrors of the 20th century Keir Hardie (another bearded, ill-dressed person who was a leading founder of the Labour Party) could see the dangers of militarism.
As we all know, a guy is a rope for holding up a tent, a shabby, ill-dressed man, an effigy burnt on Bonfire Night.
The only difference is that it will be bordered by an inordinate amount of ill-dressed men wearing red and yellow striped ties and salmon-coloured trousers.