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1. Having an ugly or unattractive face. See Synonyms at ugly.
2. Objectionable; offensive.


1. unpleasant in appearance; homely or ugly.
2. offensive; objectionable.
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Adj.1.ill-favored - usually used of a face; "an ill-favored countenance"
ugly - displeasing to the senses; "an ugly face"; "ugly furniture"


1. Extremely displeasing to the eye:
Idiom: ugly as sin.
References in classic literature ?
The swineherd--that is to say--the Prince, for no one knew that he was other than an ill-favored swineherd, let not a day pass without working at something; he at last constructed a rattle, which, when it was swung round, played all the waltzes and jig tunes, which have ever been heard since the creation of the world.
One was a lady, graceful in form and fair of feature, though pale and troubled, and smitten with an untimely blight in what should have been the fullest bloom of her years; the other was an ancient and meanly-dressed woman, of ill-favored aspect, and so withered, shrunken, and decrepit, that even the space since she began to decay must have exceeded the ordinary term of human existence.
No further noises occurring to frighten him he soon reached the door to Til's house and inserting the key crept noiselessly to the garret room which he had rented from his ill-favored hostess.
Other sectors that remained ill-favored were food (USD 21mn), textiles (USD 16mn) and power (USD 11mn).
What is so heady about the prospect of a new campus on Roosevelt Island is that it might just be the one thing that could raise the fortunes of this ill-favored corner of the city.