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Adj.1.ill-fed - not getting adequate foodill-fed - not getting adequate food; "gaunt underfed children"; "badly undernourished"
malnourished - not being provided with adequate nourishment
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Then, full of his evil purpose, Godrich thought no more of his oath to the dead king, but cast Goldboru into a darksome prison, where she was poorly clad and ill-fed.
He saw her yearning, hungry eyes, and her ill-fed female form which had been rushed from childhood into a frightened and ferocious maturity; then he put his arms about her in large tolerance and stooped and kissed her on the lips.
"None may say that the prisoners of Manator are ill-fed. Just are the laws of Manator," and he departed.
"Talking of fatness," said the Peddler, "thou thyself lookest none too ill-fed, holy friar."
Is it some ill-fed village hound yielding to the instinct of the chase?
It remained as a goblin football, as a hint that all is not for the best in the best of all possible worlds, and that beneath these superstructures of wealth and art there wanders an ill-fed boy, who has recovered his umbrella indeed, but who has left no address behind him, and no name.
In my father's stables there are eleven excellent chariots, fresh from the builder, quite new, with cloths spread over them; and by each of them there stand a pair of horses, champing barley and rye; my old father Lycaon urged me again and again when I was at home and on the point of starting, to take chariots and horses with me that I might lead the Trojans in battle, but I would not listen to him; it would have been much better if I had done so, but I was thinking about the horses, which had been used to eat their fill, and I was afraid that in such a great gathering of men they might be ill-fed, so I left them at home and came on foot to Ilius armed only with my bow and arrows.
That leaves us with the riff-raff, the ill-fed, the human mongrels and the lot who has been left high and dry to eke out a living in a country where the only principle in the rule book is either to exploit like a savage or get exploited as if one is the fairest of the fair game.
I would sympathise with the characters portrayed as poor, ill-fed, ill-clad or seriously sick or injured, not aware of the fact that soon after the shooting of that particular sequence, those "poor and seriously sick" actors would go home in their luxurious automobiles driving themselves or driven by their chauffeurs.
If we mean to be one country, we should no more tolerate letting some of our fellow citizens go ill-informed than we would consent to see them ill-fed or ill-clothed.
Divisions were down to 1,500 at most; regiments to 500 effectives-if one can call an ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-armed, ill-everythinged civilian-soldier combat 'effective.'
If he saw any animal over-loaded or ill-fed he would pull up the owner and say: "Fear Allah in your treatment of animals." [Abu Daawood]