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Adj.1.ill-proportioned - lacking pleasing proportions
unshapely - not well-proportioned and pleasing in shape; "a stout unshapely woman"
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As we rushed by the cavern's mouth we caught a hasty glimpse of him, looking somewhat like an ill-proportioned figure, but considerably more like a heap of fog and duskiness.
The fans were focused on the team -- not on a distracting, ill-proportioned character like Bernie Brewer, the mustachioed sliding mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers or the Swinging Friar of the San Francisco Padres or the Phillies' "snotty-looking" Phanatic.
Throughout, Mayerson imposed a stylistic uniformity, unevenly standardizing his subjects, as in Obama's Night, 2012, in which jammed-together, ill-proportioned faces and crudely modeled, flatly colored clothing made what could have been a lyrical portrayal of the former president and his family into an awkward approximation.
All too often cars in this class are horribly compromised, oer little in the way of genuine practicality over their hatchback siblings and look gawky and ill-proportioned. e 308 SW is sleek and stylish with a reassuring aura of quality both inside and out.