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tr.v. ill-treat·ed, ill-treat·ing, ill-treats
To treat unkindly or harshly. See Synonyms at abuse.

ill′-treat′ment n.
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Adj.1.ill-treated - subjected to cruel treatment; "an abused wife"
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After some time they began to think themselves ill-treated in the appointment of so inert a Ruler, and sent a second deputation to Jupiter to pray that he would set over them another sovereign.
"My darling, I think no woman ever knows how utterly she has given herself up to the man she loves -- until that man has ill-treated her.
She abused an' ill-treated her own mudder--her own mudder what loved her an' she'll never git anodder chance dis side of hell."
"Look you here, Captain," he said; "that man of mine is not to be ill-treated. He has been hazed ever since he came aboard."
But the old king was very angry when he saw how his daughter behaved, and how she ill-treated all his guests; and he vowed that, willing or unwilling, she should marry the first man, be he prince or beggar, that came to the door.
I am in the hands of villains, but not ill-treated, though they are one as bad as the other.
This ambiguous conduct led them to believe that the natives had ill-treated the castaways, and indeed they seemed to fear that Dumont d'Urville had come to avenge La Perouse and his unfortunate crew.
But while they talked Peace came complaining that Wrong had stolen his goods and ill-treated him in many ways.
Then D'Artagnan perceived that all his men, with remarkable intelligence, had already travestied themselves into sailors, more or less ill-treated by the sea.
We pleaded for the tired, ill-treated horses, and tried to show that their faithful service deserved kindness in return, and their hard lot compassion.
Cornelius, without even hearing what his jailer said, allowed himself to be ill-treated, abused, and threatened, remaining all the while sullen, immovable, dead to every emotion and fear.
It has been looked after and I have never seen the horse ill-treated. Even my own budgies get the best variety of food and I take it most horses do.