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(il) comparative worse (wəːs) : superlative worst (wəːst) adjective
1. not in good health; not well. She was ill for a long time.
2. bad. ill health; These pills have no ill effects.
3. evil or unlucky. ill luck.
not easily. We could ill afford to lose that money.
1. evil. I would never wish anyone ill.
2. trouble. all the ills of this world.
badly. ill-equipped; ill-used.
ˈillness noun
a state or occasion of being unwell. There is a lot of illness in the village just now; childhood illnesses.
ˌill-at-ˈease adjective
uncomfortable; embarrassed. She feels ill-at-ease at parties.
ˌill-ˈfated adjective
ending in, or bringing, disaster. an ill-fated expedition.
ˌill-ˈfeeling noun
(an) unkind feeling (towards another person). The two men parted without any ill-feeling(s).
ˌill-ˈmannered / ˌill-ˈbred adjective
having bad manners. He's an ill-mannered young man.
ˌill-ˈtempered / ˌill-ˈnatured adjective
having or showing bad temper. Don't be so ill-natured just because you're tired.
ˌill-ˈtreat verb
to treat badly or cruelly. She often ill-treated her children.
ˌill-ˈtreatment noun
ˌill-ˈuse (-ˈjuːz) verb
to ill-treat.
ˌill-ˈwill noun
unkind feeling. I bear you no ill-will.
be taken ill
to become ill. He was taken ill at the party and was rushed to hospital.
ill means unwell: He was very ill when he had pneumonia .
sick means vomiting or inclined to vomit: He was sick twice in the car ; I feel sick .
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The legendary Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who fomented public politics in Pakistan, will be - and should be - his ideal, as he takes practical steps to absolve Pakistan of ill-wills. Bilawal should not be seen as a baggage of dynastic politics, and he should make every effort to thrust in reality and change as he makes inroads in his public career.
These evening meals are meant to demonstrate fellowship and brotherhood -- the unity of the community and the setting aside of personal ill-wills. While Ramadan has a different meaning for every Muslim, I see it as a personal blessing from God, for it allows us to be better individuals.