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Not legible or decipherable.

il·leg′i·bil′i·ty, il·leg′i·ble·ness n.
il·leg′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.illegibility - the quality of writing (print or handwriting) that cannot be deciphered
handwriting - the activity of writing by hand; "handwriting can be slow and painful for one with arthritis"
incomprehensibility - the quality of being incomprehensible
legibility, readability - a quality of writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read
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عَدَم مَقْروئيَّة، تَعَذُّر قِراءَة
òaî aî vera ólæsilegur


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(iˈledʒəbl) adjective
(almost) impossible to read; not legible. His writing is illegible.
ilˈlegibly adverb
ilˌlegiˈbility noun
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poor thing!" says Briggs (who was thinking of twenty- four years back, and that hectic young writing-master whose lock of yellow hair, and whose letters, beautiful in their illegibility, she cherished in her old desk upstairs).
A kind of illegibility, though a different kind, stole over Mr Boffin's face.
This illegibility gives the artist the chance to tell the viewer that clarity of ideas will only be achieved once the process of creativity is understood.
Namely, Bacon's natural philosophy undertakes to overcome this obstacle, while Shakespeare's literary fiction embraces the ethical possibilities that might accompany illegibility and confusion.
Petrol pricing in Nigeria illuminates the messiness of formal structures, as different mechanisms, in tension with each other, produce tangled incoherencies and illegibility. A particular focus on 'shelter' as a category in the consumer price index illustrates the accretion of notions of human value under a single rubric, which is itself key to producing an economic infrastructure.
13), has been largely inaccessible to scholars due to the rarity and near illegibility of the few extant manuscripts of the work.
Rather than an act of straightforward and traditionally legible scholarship, Snorton prizes illegibility for its potentials and recognizes it as an omission, created by power, that must be read in absence.
The subject matter feels insignificant, however--or, rather, significant explicitly for its illegibility, serving mainly to strand the viewer with the architectonic superstructure, pondering a geometry of unreadable visual shrapnel.
The petitioner adopted that the appointment of Kashmala is not in accordance with the law and because it does not fulfil the relevant provisions of law which provide the mandate and illegibility of the appointment of ombudsperson.
Some of the documents Watson transcribes are written by a trained hand; others are scrawled by people with limited literacy, with handwriting she compares to "a spider walking across the page." Older scripts--court hand, for instance, which was used by lawyers and clerks beginning in the medieval period (and eventually became stylized into illegibility)--have long, narrow strokes and letters jammed together to save space, making it a challenge to find where one word ends and another begins.
Due to illegibility of police, criminals find Punjab conducive for crimes.