illegitimate child

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Noun1.illegitimate child - the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parentsillegitimate child - the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents
offspring, progeny, issue - the immediate descendants of a person; "she was the mother of many offspring"; "he died without issue"
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Furthermore, he had an illegitimate child, and entertained a friendship for "a person in Dozule.
London, July 3 (ANI): The colorful past of Prince Albert of Monaco threatened to overshadow his wedding to one-time Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock on Saturday, after it was announced that he would have to take a paternity test for a possible third illegitimate child.
ACTRESS Halle Berry (white mother, black father) is peeved that her ex-lover and father of her illegitimate child (white, French-Canadian) considers the two-year-old to be white.
Tough choices; bearing an illegitimate child in contemporary Japan.
For the "couldn't care less" females, often too drunk to be in charge yet lacking sufficient intelligence or discipline to be on the pill, we need USA style tough love - payment for first illegitimate child and free sterilisation offer.
But after she moves in with his best friends, she discovers that hubby-to-be had a few skeletons in the closet, including an illegitimate child with a slutty massage therapist from LA.
A constant in such paintings is meditation on the reality and centrality of the sacrifice accepted by Christ for the salvation of humanity, a meditation that came to him from Catholic Tradition and from the suggestions of theologians with whom he was in contact every now and then, but which Leonardo deepened increasingly in the light of difficult personal experiences, marked by his condition of being an illegitimate child.
No mention of Franz's extra marital naughties and illegitimate child then
Burgundian courts systematically sentenced the father to pay all costs of raising an illegitimate child, and the judicial system had a certain amount of coercive power to enforce the award.
But when she calmly announces her plan to abort Roy's illegitimate child, leading to his wife Hayley's decision to leave him and head for the bright lights of Amsterdam, Roy plunges into new depths of despair.
Laura Gowing writes movingly about the plight of pregnant women driven from one village to another as their neighbors attempted to avoid the charges of maintaining an illegitimate child born within their parish boundaries, while Ingram shows that charges of sexual abuse involved mainly girls, not boys, and focused on young children between the ages of five and nine.
Nazir Ahmad had accused her of having an affair and giving birth to an illegitimate child, disgracing his family.