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1. Not sanctioned by custom or law; improper or unlawful.
2. Linguistics Improperly formed; ungrammatical.

[Latin illicitus : in-, not; see in-1 + licitus, lawful; see licit.]

il·lic′it·ly adv.
il·lic′it·ness n.
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Adv.1.illicitly - in a manner disapproved or not allowed by custom; "He acted illegitimately when he increased the rent fourfold"
lawfully, legitimately, licitly - in a manner acceptable to common custom; "you cannot do this legitimately!"
2.illicitly - in an illegal manner; "they dumped the waste illegally"
بِصورةٍ غَيْر مَشْروعَه أو مَسْموحَه
óleyfilega; ólöglega
yasak olarak


[ɪˈlɪsɪtlɪ] ADVilícitamente


advverbotenerweise; (= illegally)illegal(erweise); illicitly acquiredunrechtmäßig erworben


[ɪˈlɪsɪtlɪ] advillecitamente


(iˈlisit) adjective
unlawful or not permitted.
ilˈlicitly adverb
ilˈlicitness noun
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No mild saki for them, but square faces illicitly refilled with corrosive fire that flamed through their veins and burst into conflagrations in their heads.
His criticism of Stout turns on the difficulty of giving any empirical meaning to such notions as the "mind" or the "subject"; he quotes from Stout the sentence: "The most important drawback is that the mind, in watching its own workings, must necessarily have its attention divided between two objects," and he concludes: "Without question, Stout is bringing in here illicitly the concept of a single observer, and his introspection does not provide for the observation of this observer; for the process observed and the observer are distinct" (p.
WASHINGTON: The World Bank, the Nigeria's Federal Government and the Swiss Federal Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the repatriation and monitoring of $321 million of funds illicitly acquired by the family of the late former President of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha.
The vessel, the government said, had been illicitly exported from Egypt after illegal excavations at a burial site there.
In the letter, the group expressed their concern that no guidelines exist for advertising platforms to better prevent foreign nationals from illicitly spending in future U.
NEW YORK, June 29 (KUNA) -- The UN Security Council condemned on Thursday attempts to illicitly export petroleum, including crude oil and refined petroleum products, from Libya, including by parallel institutions which are not acting under the authority of the Government of National Accord.
Set out as if you are reading files which have been obtained illicitly just for you to read; you do begin to wonder if you should be reading them and find yourself looking over your shoulder to check if you will be arrested
According to Hindustan Times, Sanjay Dutt was sentenced in 2013 to five years in jail for a case pertaining to illicitly holding and destroying an AK-56 rifle that was ended eight months early in February 2016 due to his 'good conduct' in Yerwada prison, where he learned and earned money like all the other inmates.
Security searches also led to the discovery of 350 litres of illicitly brewed alcohol known as "hooch" at HMP Garth over the Christmas period.
The assessment continued: "Despite a co-ordinated effort to reduce drug supply and demand, very high levels of finds, positive random mandatory drug testing rates and our survey all pointed to a high level of availability of illicit drugs, including new psychoactive substances, diverted medication and illicitly brewed alcohol.
In 2015, the Drug Enforcement Administration and CDC released alerts identifying illicitly manufactured fentanyl as a threat to public health and safety (1,2).
Instead prison staff or police will be able to cut off the phones remotely by producing evidence that a given number is being used illicitly.