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1. Not sanctioned by custom or law; improper or unlawful.
2. Linguistics Improperly formed; ungrammatical.

[Latin illicitus : in-, not; see in-1 + licitus, lawful; see licit.]

il·lic′it·ly adv.
il·lic′it·ness n.
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Noun1.illicitness - the quality of not conforming strictly to law
unlawfulness - the quality of failing to conform to law
licitness - the quality of strictly conforming to law
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The state or quality of being illegal:
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عَدَم مَشْروعِيَّه
sem er óleyfilegur/ólöglegur
yasak olma


(iˈlisit) adjective
unlawful or not permitted.
ilˈlicitly adverb
ilˈlicitness noun
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The UFC, short for Ultimate Fighting Championship, a promotion nearly as synonymous with mixed martial arts as the NFL is with football, runs on a model that combines the bracketed tournament play of league sports with boxing's strongman rule and unshakeable illicitness, and packages the whole thing using the soap-opera-for-men narrative formulas perfected by Vince McMahon and the world of professional wrestling.
Sometimes this provision is interpreted to mean an independent right to ensure the integrity of the work as a value in its own right, which is inconsistent with the remainder of the text in this provision, since it conditions the illicitness of modifications to the meeting of certain requirements.
Few economic activities in the Wa Region were free from accusations of illegality or illicitness. The Transnational Institute (TNI) has documented land grabbing, forced labour and dispossession as UWSA leaders established rubber plantations, shifting some tens of thousands of villagers down to Southern Wa.
He remarks on the manner in which the men "feast their eyes on the naked beauty of a prepubescent street performer, while a suggestively phallic snake rises from his arms." On this basis, the artwork confirms Boone's guiding thesis that "the appeal and aura of illicitness" that radiates from the painting "is rooted, however subliminally, in Western associations of Middle Eastern sensuality with male pederasty." Yet Boone, who reserves a more detailed discussion of Gerome's masterpiece for his seventh chapter, has a further point to make about The Snake Charmer.
'However, due to the monstrosity of irresponsibility and illicitness of their conducts and agenda, I am duty-bound to remain in office till the expiration of my tenure.
None of the major plus factors that courts have developed consider illicitness. For example, traditional plus factors include motive, opportunity, and market structure.
Written and painted on the surfaces of striated spaces, the illicitness of graffiti discovers unsanctioned potential in the materiality of the buildings, corners, walls, and streets of the city, and expands and imagines new spaces, publics, and forms of belonging.
Further, we can see how raiding contexts influenced designations of chiefs and robbers, illegality and illicitness. These were by no means stable but constantly in flux, particularly amidst the changing borders of Moshoeshoe's territories and under the gaze of certain outside observers such as missionaries and government officials.
This moral classification is determined to a large extent by the meaning attributed to the term "surrogacy", because it is upon this that Dignitas Personae places the moral illicitness of embryo adoption.
The way they foregather at bars and try to achieve some sort of vague synthesis between respectability and illicitness...
The illicitness of his claim consists in the inappropriateness of any supposition to superiority in this case, not in an inference to an entitlement to pontificate from this supposition.