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(ˈɪl ɪn)
Slang. foolish; crazy.
[1980–85; appar. from ill]
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C illin Leonard (7) 105 Malangen, 4 Danceintothelight, Asknotwhat, 8 Pure Affection, Rockalzaro, 12 Little Stevie, General Malarkey.
patzelti suele forrajear el pajonal (Stipa sp.) y el pasto Illin (Paspalum humboldtianum), ademas ocasionalmente se acerca a los cultivos de manzana (Malus domestica) para alimentarse de la corteza de esta planta y de otro arbusto pequeno (Ageratum sp.) que crece en el borde.
"'Let's sell it all,'" longtime folk dancer Millie Illin said later, in English.
Aureus 100 100 Enterococcus 100 100 CONS 100 100 Table 4: Percentage of Antibiotic Susceptibility of gram negative bacilli other than Pseudomonas SPP Ampic Amoxy Amik Ciproflo Cefep illin clav acin xacin ime Klebsiella pneumoniae (n=8) 0 0 87.5 37 37 E.
Following a car chase, both suspected shooters later died in a gunfight with law enforcement.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Farook was from Illin and his parents were originally from Pakistan, the New York Times reported.
amuddu (Le voyage),tawargit (Le reve), talwit ur illin (La quietude perdue), ussan n usunfu (Jours de repos), Anbgi (l'invite), amuddu igguran (Le dernier voyage).
Prepubertal porcine ovaries were collected from a local slaughterhouse and transported to the laboratory at 25[degrees]C in Dulbecco's phosphate-buffered saline (DPBS) supplemented with 75 [micro]g/L penic illin G and 50 [micro]g/L streptomycin sulfate.
But you're still my star, no matter how you do," to the modern--"Cause I heard that you were illin. Here's some Jewish penicillin."
They're all on the verge of hip-hop juvenility and I have to tell you that even as an open-minded "cracker," I'm "illin."
"Contrary to some illin formed articles, players such as Petrov, Lennon and Hart son a re absolutely pivotal to the team and are going nowhere.
Parry is st illin talks with would-be investors and admitted the club's third largest shareholder Steve Morgan is still in the frame.