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1. Not readily converted into cash: illiquid assets.
2. Lacking cash or liquid assets.

il′li·quid′i·ty n.
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the state of being illiquid
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Shareholders lost almost 70% of their investment if bought at IPO in Sept 2018 @Louiseaileen70 It's odd that nobody talks about illiquidity in peer to peer lending which is orders of magnitude worse than, say, high yield credit.
The cases are the latest in a long history of legal battles between the central bank and Banco Filipino-one of the country's largest banks in the early 1980s-before it was ordered shut by the regulator in 1985 due to alleged insolvency and illiquidity.
We find that the investor is exposed to: (a) increased collateral values of the underlying bonds, (b) increased illiquidity of bond trading, (c) counterparty risk in buying CDS contracts, and (d) increased funding constraints faced by investors who want to explore the arbitrage.
The Fund employs a value-oriented, opportunistic credit strategy that seeks to capitalise on the accelerated sell-down of legacy mid-market corporate loans by European banks, and to take advantage of increased dislocation and heightened illiquidity in sub-investment grade credit markets as the current late-stage credit cycle advances.
PE is able to generate higher returns than the public market through the illiquidity premium and the complexity premium.
Given the relative limited market trading volume and illiquidity for EMCI's stock, EMCC believes the transaction will provide EMCI's public shareholders with immediate and complete liquidity at a significant premium to EMCI's current share price.
But realistically, the sector seems plagued with several challenges including but not limited to illiquidity, non-cost-reflective tariff and government interventions.
However, with the existing problems such as High Entry Barriers, Illiquidity, Lockup periods, and the complicated nature of tech startups, a majority of entrepreneurs fail to get the funding they are aiming for.
Ciox is a health technology company working to solve the clinical data illiquidity challenge by providing transparency across the healthcare ecosystem and helping clients manage disparate medical records.
Make no mistake, MacKenzie is not a charitable organization, they are a for-profit business that capitalizes on the illiquidity of HTI shares by buying shares at a price significantly below their estimated per share net asset value in order to make a significant profit.
We look forward to continuing the journey together to unlock the remaining illiquidity discount in this Share.